Ask the stylist! Am I too young for some styles, or too old for others…

Q: I’m 16 years old teen, about 5.4  ft tall, 116 pounds, a little bit skinny, with the skin somehow tan. The “deal” is that I’m stuck in the period in which some clothes may be not proper, whether I’m too young for some styles, or too old for others (Including that I tend to be picky). Basically I’m a little confused and while I’m in puberty I would like to create an image specially for the time that I’ll become a young adult. Again, I ask for your help.

A: There is no age barrier when it comes to style anymore. I don’t suggest you go to school wearing a suit but you can definitely dress up your style a little bit more if you’d like!

I never thought I would refer to him but, look at Justin Bieber –  he can rock a classic double-breasted trench coat one day and the next day he’ll wear a varsity jacket, a white tee, jeans and sneakers. That being said, I think it’s all about how young/old you feel inside and what image you would like to project.
Also,  be sure to buy the best quality you can afford and choose clothes that fit well without being ‘skinny’ (ie. skinny jeans) so that you don’t emphasize your slim build. Layering is a good stylish option, most men can’t pull it off, but you could definitely take advantage of that! And last but not least, pay attention to small details; the length of your sleeves, and the hem of your pants.

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